Jersey Issued Stamps on Royal Anniversary

jersey royal anniversary stampsThe six stamps depict landmark occasions throughout the royal couple’s relationship – their engagement, wedding day and honeymoon, as well as their silver, golden and diamond wedding anniversaries.

Melanie Gouzinis, head of philatelic at Jersey Post, said: ‘The Queen and Prince Philip have approached their royal duties with dedication, devotion and, where appropriate, humour, enabling them to rely on each other and enjoy 70 years of marriage together. This stamp issue honours them by focusing on important milestones in their lives together.’

The pair first met in 1934 at a royal wedding and were reintroduced several years later, when the 13-year-old princess accompanied her parents to the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, where 18-year-old Philip was a cadet.

After an exchange of letters to one another, Philip asked King George VI for his daughter’s hand in marriage and the young couple became engaged in 1946. They married the following year at Westminster Abbey on 20 November.

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