New Stamps from Lithuania

The Red Book of Lithuania

lithuania red book stampsThe garden dormouse (Latin: Eliomys quercinus), a mammal of the order of rodents included into the Red Book of Lithuania, is a species which is seldom found in Central and Nordic Europe. Only one area is known where this rodent is found in Lithuania – in the forest area of Perloja (Varėna district) where garden dormice of this species were found in nesting-boxes affixed for birds in 1957–1959. The northern birch mouse (Latin: Sicista betulina) is a small rodent with a long hairy tail of the Dipodidae family. It was found in Lithuania for the first time in 1993 in the periphery of the lower reaches of Nemunas.

Issue Date:08.04.2017 Designer:I. Gervė Printer:“Vaba Maa”, Estonia Process: Art paper. Offset Size:37 x 30 mm Values:€0.42

Lithuania-Israel Joint Stamp Issue

lithuania israel jointissueThe postage stamp marking bilateral cooperation between Lithuania and Israel was released on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with the state of Israel. Bilateral relations with the state of Israel have been developed since 8 January 1992.

Europa 2017

lithuania europa stampsBiržai Castle is the only bastion-type fortress in Lithuania, which has also been best preserved in northern-eastern Europe. In the 16th century, a representative palace, an evangelical reformed church, an arsenal, food warehouses, barracks and other buildings were constructed. The fortress and the town formed an exceptional and solid defence complex. The bastion-type castle in the Renaissance style, the construction of which was concluded in 1589, currently represents an invaluable monument of history and architecture. In written sources, the castle of Klaipėda was first mentioned on 29 July 1252 – in a document whereby the master of the German Order and the bishop of Kuršas agreed on the construction of a castle between the rivers Nemunas and Danė. For many centuries, the castle suffered from aggressive attacks, was burned, destroyed and reconstructed again. Currently, the site of the castle invites visitors to see excavated remains and the foundations of the castle. In the museum of the castle, visitors can walk on the oldest pavement of Klaipėda, which was laid in the 16th century.

Issue Date:29.04.2017 Designer:D. Vildžiūnas Printer:“Vaba Maa”, Estonia Process:Art paper. Offset Size:37 x 30mm Values:€0.81

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