New Stamps from France

Father Victor Dillard

france victor dillard stampBorn on 24 December 1897 in Blois, to an influential family, Victor Dillard, a brilliant pupil at Notre-Dame des Aydes, spoke fluent German and English. Officer, wounded and several times captain in 1919, he returned to the Jesuits as soon as he was demobilised. He was ordained a priest at Blois in 1931 and published a work which was very successful: Letters to Jean-Pierre. From the beginning of the Second World War, he immediately resumed service. A prisoner, he founded a university of barbed wire for his comrades in captivity. Not resigning himself to seeing the youngsters of the STO leave without help, he decided to volunteer to go to Germany as an electrician, pretending to be a father. Denied, arrested by the Gestapo, imprisoned at Barmen for seven months, he was deported to Dachau where, exhausted by the illness, he died on 12 January 1945. In the background of the stamp the city of Blois with its cathedral Saint-Louis and the Jacques-Gabriel bridge over the Loire.

Issue Date:06.10.2017 Designer:Yves Beaujard Process:Taille Douce Size:40.85 x 30 mm Values:€0.73

National Guard

france national guards stampsThe National Guard was created on October 13, 2016 following the attacks of 2015 and 2016. The National Guard has three objectives: to increase the participation of reserves in the reinforcement of French security, in order to provide a concrete response to the desire to ” commitment to youth and to foster national participation. cohesion, developing a spirit of resilience in the face of current threats. The National Guard represents a basin of nearly 66,000 men.

Issue Date:10.10.2017 Designer:Youz Process:Helio Values:€9.80

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