Interesting Coincidence: Similarity in Date of Release and Pincode

allahabad special coverBy M.Gulrez

This private cover was commercially used from Allahabad High Court post office on 21.10.17 .The pin code of ‘Allahabad High Court’ post office is also 211017.

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4 Responses to Interesting Coincidence: Similarity in Date of Release and Pincode

  1. Achyut Inamdar says:

    Mr Gulrez
    Do you have special cancellation of Gandhi Smiti Vahan issued by Allahabad post?
    Are you interested in sale of the same?
    I am ready to purchase at a reasonable price.
    Please reply

  2. Vijay Kumar Jain says:

    This kind of item is a crap.Make a private cover and got it cancelled/booked on the date corresponding to PIN code.This is not philately.It is cheapness in the name of philately.Now Mr.Anurag will not publish the comment.

    • Ashok Mital says:

      If creativity in philately means ” crap ” for you than only and only God can save you.
      The philately requires maximum possible Concordance between stamp covers and cancellation ( date & place).
      The concordance between stamp covers and cancellation not only should be as close as possible but must also be so.
      In this private cover concordance between stamp covers and cancellation is not only close but it is also ones in a lifetime occurrence between date and pincode..
      It also shows that you are not able to digest this creativity as you have missed the boat.
      Dear Sir creativity is philately. Going to the beauro and buying the stamps and put into the folders is not the only philately.
      Best regards

  3. Vijay Kumar Jain says:

    Don’t consider yourself as the only philatelist who does meaningful philately.
    You have to travel in these boats as you are unable to travel in luxury yachts.
    This item is much worse than crap.

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