Monaco Issued Stamp on Armand Lunel

monaco lunel stampArmand Lunel was a  French writer who was born in 1892 in Aix-en-Provence and died in 1977 in Monaco, Armand Lunel passed the philosophy high-level competitive examination for teachers in 1924. He was appointed as a teacher at the Lycée in Monaco in 1920, where he spent his entire career. He emerged on the literary scene in 1924 and won the Renaudot prize in 1926 for his novel Nicolo-Peccavi ou l’Affaire Dreyfus à Carpentras (Nicolo-Peccavi or the Dreyfus Affair in Carpentras). Lunel was mobilised in 1939 and discharged by the Vichy government in 1940. It was thanks to the personal protection of Prince Louis II that the family of Armand Lunel and several other Jewish families living in the Principality managed to escape being rounded up and deported.

Issue Date:18.09.2017 Designer:Claude ANDREOTTO Process:3 colors steel-engraving Colours:3 Colours Size:40 x 31.77 mm horizontal

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