New Austrian Stamps

The Votive Church

austria votive church stampDate of Release:16.09.2017

Rural Postal Vehicle

austria postal vehicle stampThe stamp block depicts a small, very simple construction, biaxial vehicle with four wheels and no roof, drawn by a single horse. The postillion sits on his bench, with the so-called “Felleisen” (from the French word “valise”), a leather travelling bag used by the postal service as a container to collect postal items, in front of him.  The driver of the postal vehicle is dressed in a postillion’s uniform which had existed since 1838. He is wearing the “gala uniform”: a red jacket, light coloured leather trousers, black boots and a black bicorne hat. The post horn is slung over his shoulder on a lanyard. There was also a less ornate uniform intended for everyday service, made from a dark grey material with red cuffs and silver trim, worn with trousers reinforced with leather. On the stamp design it can clearly be seen that the postillion has a pipe in his mouth, although there were strict regulations about this. So, for example, if there were passengers present, the postal worker was only allowed to smoke with their express permission. The rough design of the vehicle is clearly recognisable on the block of stamps. Issue Date:16.09.2017

Designer:Regina Simon Printer:Joh. Enschedé Stamps B.V Process:Offset

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