New Stamps from Lithuania

The Symbol of the Emblem of Lithuania

lithuania symbolThe Lithuanian knight known as Vytis is one of the oldest state coats of arms in Europe. The image of the knight Vytis was used in state flags, coins and stamps. According to chroniclers of the 16th century, Vytis portrayed in the coat of arms of the state symbolizes a mature ruler capable of defending his homeland with his sword. The postage stamps commemorate images of Vytis used from the ancient times (the end of the 14th century – beginning of the 18th century) till the period of independent Republic of Lithuania (3rd – 4th decade of the 20th century).

Issue Date:13.07.2017 Designer:I. Balakauskaitė Printer:“Vaba Maa”, Estonia Process:Self-adhesive Size:24 x 24mm Values:€0.03, €0.10, €0.39, €0.42, €0.94, €1.00

Old Canal Locks of King William

lithuania technical monumentThe canal of King William was excavated in 1863– 1873 by French prisoners of war. When the Prussian King William I became the Emperor of Germany, the from dangerous storms of the Curonian Lagoon.

The length of the canal is equal to 25-27 km, the width – 28-30 m and the average depth – 1.7 m.

The canal lock installed close to Lankupiai in 1873 is the only one in Lithuania, has been the 15th century in the Netherlands).

600th Anniversary of Samogitians Diocese Establishment

lithuania saint stampThis is a common postage stamp of the Vatican City State and Lithuania released to commemorate 600th anniversary of the establishment of Diocese of Žemaitija (Medininkai), marking the official Christianisation of the last European region. Only a part of Lithuania was christened at the end of the 14th century. Since the Teutonic Order claimed the western part of the country – Žemaitija (Samogitia), efforts of the Lithuanian rulers Jogaila and Vytautas allowed achieving peaceful Christianisation of Samogitian lands without conquering them. In 1417, the Diocese of Žemaitija was established in the Lithuanian region, which had stayed pagan the longest, by the decision of the meeting of the Constance Church, which was approved by the pope Martynas V elected in the meeting. This event ended the Lithuania’s integration into the Christian family of European countries which was started with the baptism of Mindaugas.

Issue Date:13.07.2017 Designer:V. Butrimas Printer:“Vaba Maa”, Estonia Process:Art paper. Offset Size:52 x 36 mm Values:€1.00

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