Hongkong will  Issue Stamps on  “Qipao”

hongkong qipao stampsQipao, a traditional Chinese dress for women that first came into vogue in the 1920s, accentuates the gracefulness of the feminine physique with its oriental charm. Hongkong Post will issue a set of stamps under the theme “Qipao” to review the evolution of the qipao, which spans almost a century; to showcase women’s fashion in Hong Kong; and to showcase the indelible imprint of this traditional Chinese attire. This set of six stamps, together with the stamp sheetlets, exhibits the special characteristics of qipao dresses across various decades – from the 1920s to the contemporary qipao. Illustrations on the stamps are the works of students studying for the Higher Diploma in Visual Arts and Culture at the Hong Kong Design Institute. The stamp sheetlets are embedded with the first-ever qipao-shaped stamps. Furthermore, the $20 stamp sheetlet is printed with paper made of taffeta fabric to enhance the theme.

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