Andora Issued Stamp on Mirador del Roc del Quer – Canillo

andora stampThe Roc del Quer has always been a place of reference in the parish of Canillo. It is a natural belvedere located on the ascent of the Col d’Ordino with fantastic views over the Canillo Valley. In 2016 a 20-meter platform was installed on the ground, partly built of glass, allowing the visitor to feel hung 500 meters above the ground, while admiring a spectacular panoramic view of the valleys of Montaup and Valira From the Orient, from Soldeu to Encamp.As the stamp shows, the installation culminates with the figure of a thinker sitting on the top of the beam, over the void, the work of the sculptor Miguel Ángel González. A brief geological description of the process of formation of the Pyrenean mountains can also be found on the site.Nearby, the sculpture “Self-generating structures”, by the Mexican artist Jorge Dubón, installed in 1991, also contributes to conferring on this space the character of reference point of the parish.

Issue Date: 02.09.2017 Designer: Stefanie Ghinea Process: Taille Douce, Offset Size: 60 x 25 mm Values: 1.30€

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