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Azores: Geopark

portugal geopark stampsThe Azores Geopark is based on a network of 121 geosites throughout the nine islands and surrounding marine area, of which six have international value, 52 are of national importance and the rest have regional worth. These geosites guarantee that the geodiversity of the Azores is represented and re ects the geological and eruptive history of the archipelago, and have a dual strategy of conservation and the promotion of tourism. Volcanoes, calderas, lagoons, lava elds, fumaroles, thermal waters, volcanic caves and pits, fajãs (supratidal talus-platforms), fault scarps and fossilised marine life, among others, are elements that characterise the region’s geological heritage.

Issue Date: 07.09.2017 Designer: MAD Activities Illustrator: Nuno Farinha Printer: Cartor Process: Offset Size: Stamps: 30,6mm x 40mm, Minisheet: 125 x 95 mm Values: €0,50, €0,80, €0,85, €1,00 Historic Cafes II


portugal cafes stampsThe golden era of cafés in Portugal was the period between the mid-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. “The café is one of the most characteristic features of a country. The experienced, sharp-witted traveller can arrive anywhere, go into the café, look at it, examine it, study it, and he knows all about the country in which he nds himself, its government, its laws, its customs, its religion”, wrote Almeida Garrett in 1846 in Travels in my Homeland. At that time, the café was embraced by the urban bourgeoisie as a place of social conviviality, something that was to be con rmed in the following decades with the opening of increasingly large and sophisticated establishments in terms of their decoration and service. A good example can be found in the elegant A Brasileira de Braga, opened in 1907 and included in this series, in which social, political, cultural and business life found a privileged stage, as in other national cities. For men, it must be emphasised. Women at the time were still given a subordinate role, which only begun to be questioned from the 1960s onwards in more lofty social circles. The spaces of the patisseries and cakeshops were reserved for the wealthier ladies of the cities, like Versailles, which opened in 1922 and which is also part of this series.

Issue Date: 15.09.2017 Illustrator: ©Paulo Cintra, Laura C.C. Printer: BPOST Process: Offset Size: Stamp: 40 mm x 30,6 mm, Minisheet: 95 mm x 125 mm Values: €0,50 x 5

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