New Zealand:Grow Your Own Stamp Issue

newzealand seeds stampsWhen it comes to growing your own herbs and vegetables, there’s a lot of things to take into consideration. You need to figure out how much time you’re willing to dedicate to your garden, what time of year are you planning to plant? What are your local weather conditions? Do you have enough space?Some herbs can grow quite happily indoors in pots on your window sill, others will need to start their germination process indoors and then transferred to the garden.

The three herbs in this issue – basil, parsley and chives – will grow best if they start their growing process indoors. Most herbs are relatively low maintenance, they can thrive in most types of soils and are often not the target of disease or insects. But they do need plenty of sunlight, well-draining soil and moderate temperatures. If you’re in a location that can get a little nippy over winter, it might be best to plant in pots or trays so you can move your herbs indoors if temperatures drop.Date of Issue:4 October 2017

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