New Stamps from Israel

Israel-Croatia Joint Issue

israel croatia joint stamp issueIn 2017, Israel and Croatia mark 20 years of diplomatic relations. The goal is to strengthen friendly relations between the two countries. We have seen ups and downs in the past, but now are moving forward positively.Over the past two decades, since the establishment of relations, and especially in recent years, the cooperation between the two countries has intensified in the fields of agriculture, cyber, technology and innovation.

Habimah National Theatre

israel national theatre stampThe Habimah National Theatre was founded by Nachum Zemach, Menachem Gnessin and Hanna Rovina in Moscow in 1917 under the name “The Hebrew Language Theatre”. The first play performed by Habimah was ״Neshef Bereshit”, directed by Vakhtangov in 1918. But the theatre’s first true claim to fame came in 1922, with the play “The Dybbuk” and the especially noted performance by Hanna Rovina

The Balfour Declaration

israel balfour declaration stampThe Balfour Declaration was vague and non-committal in its wording. It did not explicitly promise to establish a state for the Jewish people, nor did it define the borders of the territory designated for the Jews and it imposed various limitations on the realization of its own content.

But this Declaration, issued by representatives of the British Empire at the height of its power, was the first recognition of the Jewish people’s right to a national homeland. This concept was integrated into the mandate granted to the British Empire by the League of Nations in 1922 and was considered to be the key official step toward achieving a Jewish state in Eretz Israel.

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