Romania Issued Stamps on Medias :750 Years of Documentary Attestation

romania documentry stampsMedias was documentarily attested on 3 June 1267, under the name Medies.On its anniversary, Romfilatelia celebrates alongside the Citadel of Light, through the postage stamp issue Medias, 750 years of documentary attestation.Medias or Medies, Medgyes, Medyesch, situated in the heart of Transylvania on the valley of Tarnava, welcomes you with a medieval air full of mysteries and stories to be discovered step by step, as one should.Since the city has a history of more than seven centuries, the medieval and historical monuments within the city walls make it an open-air museum.On the stamp with the face value of Lei 2.50, the Stephan Ludwig Roth High School is pictured along with the “Gemini” symbol on the façade of the high school.

The Tailors’ Bastion, the Spinner and the Orthodox Cathedral with the dedication “Archangels Michael and Gabriel” are found on the stamp with the face value of Lei 4.

Currently, the building houses the collections of the Municipal Museum and is located next to a special basorelief on the the stamp with the face value of Lei 4.50.

The Church of Saint Margaret is a place of worship, a true historical monument itself, but also the oldest stone building in the city, whose first documentary mention dates back to 1414.

Issue Date: 11.08.2017 Designer: Victor Telibasa Process: Offset  Colours: 4 Colours Size: Stamps size: 36 x 36 mm, Minisheets size: 125 x 96 mm; Block size: 104 x 148 mm (in a philatelic album) Values: 2.50 Lei; 4 Lei; 4.50 Lei; 16 Lei

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