New Stamps from Spain

The Generation of 60s

spain generation of 60s stampsThe 1960s laid the foundations for a new Europe, but above all, for a new Spain that was beginning to open up to the world, to show its values ​​and resources, its culture and, above all, its identity.

The topics chosen among the subscribers by voting for the stamps of this new block sheet have been:

May 68: student revolts and massive strikes that rocked France in May 1968 changed the lives of generations.

Kennedy assassination: John F. Kennedy, president of the United States, was killed on Friday, November 22, 1963 in Dallas. He received several deadly shots as he paraded with his wife in the presidential car.

First heart transplant: in 1967 the South African surgeon Christian Barnard, 44, and head of the department of thoracic surgery, performed for the first time a human heart transplant, a fact that caused a sensation all over the world.

Man’s Arrival to the Moon: Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the Moon, on July 20, 1969, before the eyes of millions of people around the world, who lived this historic moment through television.

The block sheet that brings together the four seals, presents a punch with the numbers 6 and 0. A mail card dedicated to that time will also be issued.

Issue Date: 16.07.2017 Process: Gravure + die Size: 150.64 x 86.4 mm Values: 0.50 € , 0.60 € , 1.25 €, 1.35 €

The Generation of 70s

spain generation of 70s stampsFiber Optic Discovery: In 1970, four researchers working at the company Corning Glass, manufactured the first optical fiber. They did this by applying titanium residues to silica. Little by little the technique was improved and on April 22, 1977, General Telephone and Electronics sent the first telephone transmission through fiber optics in California.

Spanish monarchy: Francisco Franco died in 1975 and began an intense political transition in Spain. That same year Juan Carlos de Borbón is proclaimed king and two years later, the 15 of June of 1977 the first elections were celebrated from the Civil War. The coalition Union of Democratic Center (UCD), led by Adolfo Suárez was the most voted.

John Paul II: in August 1978 Pope John Paul I was appointed Pope, who died only suddenly after 33 days. After his death came John Paul II, the first Polish pope, and the first non-Italian after almost 5 centuries.

Invention of disposable syringe: some great inventions came to stay and make life much easier such as disposable syringe, which arrived in 1973 from the hand of the Spanish Manuel Jalon Corominas, also inventor of the mop.

The block sheet that brings together the four seals, presents a die with the numbers 7 and 0 with a flowery pattern that reminds us of that time. A Mail card dedicated to that time will also be issued.

Issue Date: 16.07.2017 Process: Gravure + die Size: 150.64 x 86.4 mm Values: 0.50 € , 0.60 €, 1.25 €, 1.35 €

Contemporary Art – Alberto Schommer

spain art stampAlberto Schommer was born in Vitoria in 1928. His father was a German doctor whose fondness for photography made his son become interested in art, turning it into his passion.He began his artistic life with painting, but in the fifties he decided to take a camera and portray the life of his city.

He moved to Hamburg to study photography. He traveled and met cities and people that caused him a strong interest in the photographic portrait.In the mid-sixties he settled in Madrid and collaborated with newspapers such as El País or ABC. Also, he becomes the official photographer of King Juan Carlos, being considered visual chronicler of the Spanish Transition.He was also the first photographer to exhibit his work at the Museo del Prado, a well deserved achievement.In September of 2015 died a victim of cancer, leaving a great emptiness in the art world, but also a great artistic legacy. 63 books of photography published, 20 photographic series and a vision of Spain and the world that only he knew to capture with a click.

Issue Date: 20.07.2017 Process: Offset + silver print Size: Stamp: 40.9 x 57.6 mm, Minisheet: 79.2 X 105.6 mm Values: 4 €

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