New Stamps from Kyrgyzstan

Historical and Cultural Ties between Kyrgyzstan and China :Li Bai

kyrgyzstan china stampsThis miniature sheet comprises two postage stamps. China and Kyrgyzstan are neighboring countries, with friendly relations. Mutual understanding and support have developed between them. China was one of the first countries to recognize the independence of Kyrgyzstan. One of the symbols of historical and cultural ties between Kyrgyzstan and China is the fact that the great Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai (701-762), was born in Suyab, near the modern city of Tokmak, in the north of Kyrgyzstan.
The literary heritage of Li Bai comprises about 1,100 works, of which about 900 are poems.
Issue Date: 29.06.2017 Designer: Lilian Iațco Printer: Nova Imprim Process: Full-colour offset lithography Size: 34,00 x 34,00 mm

Kyrgyzstan-Belarus Joint issue

kyrgystan belarus joint issue This KEP issue includes two miniatures: one represents the Kyrgyz horse (a “Novokyrgyz” breed), and the second, a “Trakehner” horse, common in Belarus. The Kyrgyz horse is of ancient origin, and its history is closely connected with the history of the Kyrgyz people. The Kyrgyz horse has always been characterized by exceptional endurance, unpretentiousness and adaptability to the conditions of the mountainous terrain.
The Trakehner breed was created primarily for cavalry, which required horses with speed and power. Over time, the Trakehner breed lost its military significance, but it was used with great success in agriculture and equestrian sport.

Issue Date: 30.06.2017 Designer: Aliona Cojocari Illustrator: Alina Homich, Vladimir VoroninPrinter: Nova Imprim Process: Full-colour offset lithography Size: 46,00 x 27,50 mm Values: 50, 100 KGS

19th International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen

kyrgyzstan flowerss stamps “19th International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen (PRC)”.   Plants play a special role in the life of our planet. The very existence of the animal kingdom, including humans, would be impossible without the plant kingdom.

This determines the importance of botany, which has as its object the scientific study of plants.  The International Botanical Congresses (IBCs) are world forums of scientists engaged in various areas of botanical research.

Issue Date: 07.07.2017

Designer: Anastasia Pariniuc Illustrator: Ivanka Costru

Printer: Nova Imprim Process: Full-colour offset lithography + pantone silver Size: 34.00 x 34.00 mm

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