World’s Biggest Postage Stamp 

largrest stampWorld’s biggest postage stamp currently is Mother of Emirates postage stamp issued by UAE in 2013. It also holds the Guinness World Records for the largest postagestamp.Oct 10, 2016

In celebration of Mother Day on 22nd March 2013, it was revealed the largest postage stamp in the world dedicated to “ Mother of Emirates” H.H Sheikhah Fatema Bint Mubarak in honoring her national and regional various achievements. The Stamp was recorded in Guinness World Records as it is of 1.36 m long and 1.17 m wide. The highest international specifications and measures followed in making memorial stamps were considered upon making the Largest Postage Stamp in the world. The Stamp is headed by a verse “Emirates Mother’s a soul for Sublimity Having a stake in every glorious deed throughout history” written by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Family Development Foundation. The last record was of a Dutch Stamp of 66 cm long and 49 cm wide as announced by the Regional Managed of Guinness Records in Middle East; Mr. Talal Omar. the idea of the Largest postage Stamp holding the title of “Emirate’s Mother” is initiated by Chief Editor of Emirates Educational Guide Khadija Seif Al Shuhi and Saleh Al Naimi in cooperation with Emirates Post Group and Family Development Foundation.

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