Guernsey Issued Stamps on Solar Eclipse

guernsey solar eclipse stampsThe stamp designs represent “six coastal locations that will be treated to a partial eclipse,” according to Guernsey Post. The issue is called Coastal Eclipses.The locations are Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on the 44-penny stamp; Miami, Florida, 59p; Hamilton, Bermuda, 60p; Dakar, Senegal, 73p; Saint Anne, Alderney, 80p; and Anadyr, Russia, 90p.

Guernsey Post said, “Created using heat sensitive ink, the stamps reveal full eclipses, as well as the altitude and direction of the eclipse for each location upon coming into contact with warm hands.”For example, when the 59p Miami stamp is warmed by touch, it is revealed that the altitude is 64.29 degrees, and that the direction is 242.44 degrees, west-southwest.

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