New Stamps from Luxembourg

100 Years of  FSCL

luxembourg cycilist fedretion stampAt last, in 1917 after several unsuccessful attempts to found an association, the “Fédération des Sociétés Cyclistes Luxembourgeoises (FSCL)” [Luxembourgish Cycling Federation] was born. Founding members hailed from clubs from Hollerich, Kayl, Mamer, Monnerich, Mühlenbach, Schifflingen, Strassen, Rollingergrund and Useldingen. The first president was Norbert Düren. On 23 August 1925, for the first time, the cycling insignia was awarded. Another “first”, namely a women’s race took place on this day. Since 1926, there has been the FSCL Leisure Sports Committee. The ever increasing popularity of cycling without the pressure of competition prompted the FSCL, along with the support of the Ministry of Sports, to organise an annual national bicycle day the first of which took place on 27 May 1979.

Issue Date: 04.07.2017 Designer: Asport Design Factory by Gigi (L) Printer: Multicoloured high-resolution offset Process: Bpost Stamps Factory, Malines Size: 40,20 x 27,66 mm Values: 0,70€

Tour de France

luxembourg tour de rance stampLuxembourg is widely associated with the cycling race and is therefore well known and respected abroad. Altogether, in 2017, five international competitions will have wholly or partly included routes in Luxembourg. The most famous and most popular race is certainly the Tour de France. In 2017, two stages will once again go through the country. This is already the eighth time that the “Grande Boucle” has stopped off in Luxembourg. On 3 July, the riders will cut across Luxembourg from north to south over 115 km. On 4 July the fourth stage will start from Mondorf-les-Bains racing along the Mosel up to the French city of Vittel in the Vosges region.

Issue Date: 04.07.2017 Designer: Gam S.A. Illustrator: T. Diederich Printer: Bpost Stamps Factory, Malines Process: Multicoloured high-resolution offset Size: 38,15 x 48,75 mm Values: 0,70€

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