Jersey Issued Stamps on Durrell and Darwin : 25 Years of the Darwin Initiative

jersey stampsDurrell, Jersey’s famous Wildlife Conservation Trust and Zoo, was established by naturalist and author, Gerald Durrell OBE in 1959. During the course of its conservation programme, Durrell has partnered with the Darwin Initiative – a United Kingdom Government grants scheme that helps to protect biodiversity and the natural environment through locally based projects worldwide. The Darwin Initiative’s 25th anniversary in 2017 provides an opportunity to shine a light on some of the projects and successes undertaken by Durrell, with six of their subjects being featured within this stamp issue: mangrove finch, Livingstone’s fruit bat, Telfair’s skink, mountain chicken, Hispaniolan solenodon and pygmy hog.

Issue Date: 14.06.2017 Designer: Sara Menon, Charles Darwin portrait © PA images  Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France  Process: Offset lithography. Miniature Sheet printed on FSC sycamore, self-adhesive Colours: 4 Size: Stamp die size 30.6mm deep x 38mm wide. Overall Miniature Sheet size 90mm deep x 120mm wide. Stamp within Miniature Sheet die size 42mm x 60mm Values: 49p, 63p, 73p, 79p, 90p, £1.07

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