New Stamps from French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Places at the End of the Worldatlantic lands stamps

Issue Date: 09.03.2017 Designer: Gravier Nelly Process: Offset Size: 210 x 105 mm Values: 7,50€

Tuna Seiner Fishing

atlantic land tuna fish stampsIssue Date: 02.01.2017 Designer: Nadia Charles  : Offset Taille-douce Size: 110 x 88 mm Values: 1,24€

Arctic Tern from Tromelin Island

antarctic land tormelin stampsIssue Date: 02.01.2017 Designer: Claude Andréotto Process: Offset taille-douce Size: 80 x 190 mm Values: 3,40€

French Polar Expeditions

antarctic land polar expedition stampsIssue Date: 02.01.2017 Designer: Yves Beaujard Process: Taille-douce Size: 130 x 31 mm Values: 2,04€

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