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Unspunnen:The Ultimate Traditional Swiss Festival

swiss unspunnen stampThe Swiss festival of Unspunnen is a traditional celebration of Swiss mountain life and was rst held in 1805. However, it only became a regular event in 1946 and has since taken place every 12 years. 2017 is one of the lucky years. The Unspunnen Swiss wrestling event will take place on 26-27 August and will be followed by the main festival on 1-3 September. Spectators can look forward to seeing farmers in traditional Swiss costume, stone throwing, target shooting and the traditional Swiss sport of Hornussen, Alphorn players and ag bearers, folk musicians, choristers, dancers in traditional Swiss costume, yodellers and much more besides.

Issue Date: 11.05.2017 Designer: Mansing Tang, Wabern Printer: Cartor Security Printing La Loupe, France Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: Stamp: 33×28 mm, Sheetlet: 194×140 mm (4 rows of 5 stamps)


swiss churfirsten stampsChurrsten is a mountain range of incredibly jagged peaks that rise up to 2,306 metres above sea level over Lake Walen at 419 metres. The ridges to the north descend more gently towards Toggenburg. The Flumserberg mountains offer a particularly impressive view of the Chur- rsten range. Indeed, it was this perspec- tive that designer Bernadette Baltis chose for the special stamps.

The seven most famous peaks form a continuous panorama, split across four stamps. The vignette with the names of the individual mountain peaks is unique to the sheet. The mountain heights are also listed on the lower sheet margin. Bernadette Baltis is an experienced stamp designer and created a panorama of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau ten years ago. In her latest work, the impres- sive mountain peaks and the picture as a whole create a 3D effect.

Issue Date: 11.05.2017

Pro Patria: Fortresses and Castles of Switzerland

swiss propatria stampsThe only thing that these two castles really have in common is their immediate proximity to a lake. Visconti Castle in Locarno and Oberhofen Castle on the Lake of Thun are both motifs on this year’s Pro Patria stamps.While the 12th century Visconti Castle in Locarno has been besieged, captured and destroyed on numerous occasions, the castle of a similar age in Oberhofen can look back on a far more peaceful his-tory.

Only around one fifth of the original siteremains in Locarno. One can only imagine the size of the original fortress. The castle is now a museum. The site in Oberhofen has changed hands on numerous occasions and has been converted and expanded over the centu- ries, rst as a castle and later as a summer residence. It has been open to the public since 1954.

 Issue Date: 11.05.2017 Designer: Angelo Boog, Wallisellen Printer: Cartor Security Printing, La Loupe, France : Offset, 5-colour, scale + Pantone Gold Colours: 5 Colours Size: Stamp: 33×28 mm, Sheetlet: 194×140 mm (4 rows of 5 stamps)

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