Portugal Issued   Stamps on Rally de Portugal

portugal car rally stampsWith the extensive participation of foreign drivers since its very rst edition, the Rally de Portugal has been an event of international renown since its establishment in 1967. Initially held under the title TAP International Rally, the Automobile Club of Portugal’s race began as a regularity competition, with classi cation achieved through accumulated points and with the pair with the lowest number of points being declared the winner. Another peculiarity of these rst editions of the race was the ability for participants to choose the point at which they began the competition from several cities.

Issue Date: 17.05.2017 Designer: MAD Activities Illustrator: Hélder Gomes Printer: Cartor Process: Offset Size: 40 x 40.6 mm Values: €0.50, €0.63, €0.70, €0.80, €0.85

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