Andora Issued Stamps on Contemporary Art

andora art stampsThe Contemporary Art series includes this year a special issue in the form of a block sheet that includes two stamps dedicated to the finalist works presented at the “Tallers d’Art” of La Massana, which competed to represent the Principality of Andorra in the Biennial of Art of Venice of 2017. The winning work of the contest was “Murmuris” of the artist Eve Ariza that will be exposed in the Venetian Biennial.Lost Origin and Omphalos were the proposals of Zoe and Jordi Casamajor respectively, two works that shared the use of the symbolism associated with the ancestral world to which they opposed the industrial world in which we live, opposition that invited to reflect on the own nature of the human being in The present.

Issue Date: 16.05.2017 Process: Offset Size: 28.8 x 40.9 mm Values: 0.55 €, 0.60 €

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