Andora Issued Stamp on Els Castellers

andora stampThe castellers are a typically Catalan cultural event with written references from the 18th century. Although initially this practice is mainly located in the Tarragona and Penedès areas, it has gradually spread since the 1980s throughout Catalonia as well as in the culturally close areas of Northern Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and, since the year 2014, Andorra also, with the constitution of the Colla de Castellers of Andorra.It has not yet celebrated its two years, but it has already received a distinction in 2015 and has managed to develop what is called a “3 of 6”, ie 6 floors of 3 people.The castellers were recognized as Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010 as an expression of popular culture.

Issue Date: 27.05.2017 Designer: Stephanie Ghinea Size: 40.85 x 30 mm

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