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Coupe de France 1917 – 2017

france coupe de france stampThe Coupe de France is not its age. Yet it is a hundred years old. Founded in 1917 to honor the memory of Charles Simon, founder of the French Interfederal Committee, ancestor of the FFF, fell to the front in 1915, the “Old Lady” is the dean of the competitions of the hexagonal football.

The French Cup is open to all FFF-affiliated clubs without distinction, and is the most welcoming competition in French sport: 48 formations were on the starting line in 1917 against 7,290 clubs engaged for this anniversary edition. With its formula of direct elimination and its procession of “surprises” which gives pride to the amateurs, the secular test cultivates the suspense. Every season, a “Little Thumb” becomes gigantic and creates in its wake a true jubilation popular. The Charles Simon trophy, very present on the visual, symbolizes the centenary of the French Football Cup.

Issue Date: 19.05.2017 Designer: Stéphane Humbert Basset Process: Heliogravure Size: 30 x 40.85 mm Values: 0.73€


france ladybird stampsThe order of the beetles is the order of the animals that brings together the greatest number of species, which is why 3 of them were chosen to illustrate the stamps of the block, a ladybug, a chafer, a Carabe, the 4th stamp being dedicated to the young lady. The Ladybird is extracted from the Insects block, where it accompanies a beast, a young lady and a cockchafer.

The seven-point ladybird (Coccinella septempunctata) is the most common ladybird in Europe and is known throughout metropolitan France. It is found in the meadows, in its garden where it is of a precious help in the fight against the aphids.The seven-point ladybug is also referred to as the “beast of goodness,” a nickname derived from a legend dating back to the tenth century, according to which a Sentenced to death was saved by the presence of a ladybug on his neck as he went Have the head cut.The total length of the body ranges from 5.2 to 8 mm, its weight about 15 mgIt owes its name to the 3 black points on each of its red wings and an additional point on the junction.

Issue Date: 22.05.2017 Designer: Isabelle Simler : Heliogravure : 30 x 40.85 mm Values: 0.73€

Saint-Benoît-Sur-Loire Abbey

france saint banoit stampThe period of prosperity of the abbey of Fleury, in the 10th and 11th centuries, finds its expression and its crowning in the building of the abbey church which still perpetuates today the memory. Indeed, at the time, the relics of Saint Benedict had not yet a dignified residence, especially since the burning of the monastery in 1026, nor the monastery of church to the extent of the pilgrims who came to seek relief from Of Saint Benedict. It may be thought that it was this double consideration which prompted the monks to undertake the construction of a new church.

It was first of all to Abbé Gauzlin in the first half of the eleventh century that we owe the project and the first works of the porch-tower which today serves as the entrance to the abbey. His intention was to erect a monument which was “a work such as it is an example for all Gaul,” worthy of the greatness of the abbey, its chief, and its heavenly patron Saint Benedict. He chose a site at the entrance of the monastery, to the west. And, both for its architecture and its capitals, it was inspired by the description of the heavenly Jerusalem from the biblical book of Revelation.

Under the abbey of Guillaume (1067-1080) begins the construction of the church itself; It also testifies to the artistic level of the monastery at that time. The choir and the sanctuary were consecrated in 1108, and a few months later King Philip I, who had helped this enterprise with his liberality, died at Melun and asked to be buried, not at Saint-Denis but at Fleury, Near St Benedict, and his body was placed under the pavement of the sanctuary. The construction of the nave spread throughout the 12th century and in 1218 the dedication of the abbey was finally completed.

Issue Date: 22.05.2017 Designer: Pierre Albuisson Process: Taille douce Size: 30 x 40.85 mm Values: 0.73€

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