New Europa Stamps 2017


europa stamp monacoThe stamp features a beautiful design of the Prince’s Palace which has been the stronghold and home of the lords and princes of Monaco since 1297.

Issue Date: 09.05.2017 Designer: Stefano MORRI Process: Offset  Size: 30 x 40,85 mm vertical Values: €1.10


europa stamps luxembourg“Dommeldenger Schlass” and “Beggener Schlass” castles have a number of things in common. They lie geographically close together, were both owned by well-known bourgeois Luxembourg families for many years and nowadays they are home to the embassies of two important countries, Russia and China.

Since around 1840, the wealthy bourgeois of Luxembourg supported building in the style of Historism that drew its inspiration by incorporating many elements from different historical periods, which can be seen in the richly decorated facades in particular. Both castles have the characteristic architectural features of their time.

Issue Date: 09.05.2017 Printer: Offset haute définition en quadrichromie par Bpost Stamps Factory, Malines (B) Size: 40.2 x 27.66 mm Values: €0.70, €0.95


europa stamps maltaMalta’s EUROPA 2017 stamps feature two towers, which served as defence, particularly during the period of the Knights of St John. Artist Cedric Galea Pirotta designed the set. One stamp features the St Agatha Tower, also known as the Red Tower, built in 1647 during the reign of Grand Master Lascaris de Castellar. The Tower commands views over Mellieha Bay, Comino as well as Gozo. When built it held five cannon and its strategic position ensured that signals could be relayed all the way to Valletta. It was painted red so it could be easily visible from as far as Naxxar and Mdina. During the British period, it was used as a defence post and also as a radar station by the Armed Forces of Malta. In 2015, the Tower was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the popular travel website, TripAdvisor.  The 2.19 stamp depicts the Gourgion Tower in Xewkija, Gozo which was built in 1690 by Giovanni Gourgion who was the personal secretary of Grand Masters Gregorio Carafa and Adrien de Wignacourt.

Legend has it that on its site the people of Gozo heard St Paul preaching from as far as Malta following his shipwreck in AD 60. For two and a half centuries, the building served as a fortress against pirate attacks. Unfortunately, it was demolished in 1943 to make way for an airfield that was considered necessary for the Allied invasion of Sicily.

Stone inscriptions, various carvings and coats of arms were salvaged at the time of demolition and are today found in Gozo’s Museum of Archaeology in Victoria. Ironically, the airfield was only used just once. While the Allied Forces had offered to rebuild it or compensate financially, the owners chose the latter.

Issue Date: 09.05.2017 Designer: Cedric Galea Pirotta Process: Offset Size: Stamp: 13.9 x 14.0(comb), Sheet:158mm x 150mm, Stamp:44mm x 31mm Values: €0.59, €2.19

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