World Environment Day:A Theme Wasted

spl cover environment dayBy Anil Kr Pujara

India Post has perfectly mastered the art of wasting every beautiful theme. 5th June is declared World Environment Day.Instead of releasing a beautiful set of stamps n Miniature sheet which would have been a befitting commemoration, India  Post suddenly woke up n issued a circular to all its circles to release a special cover on 5th June. This half hearted step of was further taken in its true spirit by all postal circles half heartedly.

cancellations environment day Few issued the special cover, few issued on 6th June like Tamil Nadu Circle, few ignored the official instructions like Bihar, Gujrat, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh etc name a few. The story did not end here. Few issued at the price of Rs.10/= per cancelled, few issued at Rs15/= per cover like West Bengal, Maharashtra. Few like Tamil Nadu circle issued it at price of Rs.20= per cover where as Jharkhand circle issued it at the cost of Rs. 30= per cancelled cover. Punjab Circle hurriedly organized one day exhibition in Amritsar n gave the job of fixing the stamp on special cover n defacing the stamp to a  employee who just did his job mechanically without noticing whether cancellation is complete or visible or proper or not.

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One Response to World Environment Day:A Theme Wasted

  1. Vijay Kumar Jain says:

    It will be a favorite issue for collectors like Q-Baton Relay.
    Genuine collectors have collected from all bureaux.

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