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Concourse Lepine

france universe stampSince its inception, the “Concours Lépine” has evolved, but has remained a springboard, a precursor, a showcase inescapable where thousands of extraordinary inventions (ballpoint pen, steam iron, mechanical heart, Contact lenses, fertilizer Riviera, Aspivenin …) were born and shaped in its corridors.The Concours Lépine is a living tool: it adapts! Society is changing, new needs are emerging. The inventors imagine these new ideas and transform them into industrial and / or numerical inventions.

In order to include this digital landscape in its European and international editions, the Concours Lépine has created an unprecedented space: «The connected universe Concours Lépine». An original setting where French inventions, innovations and applications meet that will make the digital universe of tomorrow.(Source Contests Lépine)

Issue Date: 28.04.2017 Designer: Concours Lepine Process: Offset Size: 340.85 mm Values: 1.30€

Booklet: Flowers and Crafts

france bookletBooklet of 12 postage stamps with permanent validity at the rate of the green letter for letters up to 20 g destined for France.Carnet size: 256 mm x 54 mm

For the spring of 2017, a notebook of twelve postage stamps is issued, illustrated with details of objects of art preserved in the museums of France. This booklet, with these stamps, focuses on crafts, as was already the case in 2009 with “Les métiers d’art en France”. Two intaglio stamps, gummed, were released in 2016, two more are issued in 2017, dedicated to the stone sculptor, the jeweler, etc. Because it is right to highlight the work of these artists – craftsmen, as France is rich in talents today as in the past.

The list of crafts in France was reviewed and fixed by a new decree published in the Official Journal on 31 January 2016.

Each stamp of this notebook represents floral motifs, made in different materials. The title of the stamps indicates the materials worked: carved wood, painted and gilded wood, wool and silk tapestry, cotton embroidery and silk thread, mosaic of hard stones, etc.

It is the floral motif that is extracted from the whole work or art object. It is a zoom, one would say in photography, on flowers, dotted on different objects. On the cover of the notebook, the place of conservation of the works is indicated, allowing everyone to see the originals.

Note: the artist who made the pair of light plates is known. This is Peter II Doublet. The wood paneling is the work of Adrien Karbowsky, Georges Hoentschel (attr.) And Frédéric Deschamps. The mosaic table is by Francesco Belloni. The diadem of the Empress Eugenie is by Alexandre-Gabriel Lemonnier.

The floral details offer collectors of floral themes beautiful images for their collection and to all those who send mail, a delicate and valuable attention to its recipient. For Mother’s Day, for the communication of luxury professionals, know-how in crafts and crafts and for professionals to enhance their couriers.

Issue Date: 29.04.2017 Designer: Sylvie Patte, Tanguy Besset Process: Héliogravure Size: 256 x 54 mm

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