Czech Republic Issued Stamp on 75th Anniversary of Opp.Anthropoid

czech stampCzech Post has unveiled a new souvenir sheet containing a 46 crown stamp marking the 75th anniversary of Operation Anthropoid. In the mission, Czechoslovak parachutists were dropped into occupied territory to assassinate Nazi governor Reinhard Heydrich. The souvenir sheet, about the size of a postcard, gave the artist greater room to pay homage to those who gave their lives in the operation or were murdered in reprisal by the Nazis. The souvenir sheet just released by Czech Post features key images from the final days of the operation in May 1942: central, on the stamp itself, is Heydrich’s Mercedes, damaged in the attack by Jozef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš, there is also the Sten gun and grenade which was used.

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