Netherlands Issued Stamps on De Stijl

netherlands stampsIn 2017, one hundred years will have passed since De Stijl magazine was founded in Leiden, edited by Theo van Doesburg. In this magazine, various artists, designers and architects published their innovative ideas. The magazine provided the name for the art movement that radically reformed art in the Netherlands. Famous members of De Stijl included Theo van Doesburg, Cornelis van Eesteren, Vilmos Huszár, Bart van der Leck, Piet Mondrian, J.J.P. Oud, Gerrit Rietveld, Georges Vantongerloo and Jan Wils. These artists worked towards the ideal society and for that purpose looked to find an appropriate visual language in architecture, art, interior, furniture, fashion and advertising. Typical elements of De Stijl are the use of primary colours, abstract shapes and vertical and horizontal lines. Many museums will be focusing on the centenary of De Stijl in 2017 with exhibits and other activities, all under the name ‘Mondrian to Dutch Design’.

Issue Date: 27.03.2017 Designer: PutGootink, Amsterdam Printer: Joh. Enschedé Security Print, Haarlem : Offset Size: 108 x 150mm Values: Nederland 1

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