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300 Anniversary of the Real Compañía de Guardiamarinas

spain real compama stampIn 1717 the “Royal Company of Guardiamarinas” was created. It was in Cadiz where the first Academy was established and since then, despite numerous changes in its denomination and also in its location, it has been the institution where the officers of the Spanish Navy have received during these 300 years all the scientific, humanistic formation necessary to carry out their work in the army.Following the French and English examples, it based its training on theoretical and practical education.

There are several historical characters who passed through the Academy. Jorge Juan or Antonio de Ulloa, whom Correos dedicated a stamp last year, are the best known.The stamp, with an intense blue background reminiscent of the sea, captures the profile image of Knights Guardiamarinas and the Ship Juan Sebastián Elcano.

Issue Date: 28.04.2017 Process: Offset Size: 28.8 x 40.9 mm Values: 1.25€

Europa 2017: Manzanares el Real Castle

spain europa stampThe construction of this castle begins in 1475 by order of Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, first Duke of the Infantado and is finalized under the direction of Juan Guas, architect also in charge of the construction of the Palace of the Infantado of Guadalajara, being Duque Inigo López de Mendoza.Erected on a Romanesque-Mudejar hermitage in honor of Santa María de la Nava, the fortress-palace of the Mendoza is one of the best preserved in Spain.The castle has square floor with cylindrical cubes in the corners, except the Tower of Homage. On its eastern side is attached a secondary body of rectangular plant that includes the apse of the old church.It has large arched windows with a rectangular patio and two galleries on octagonal columns.The building has four towers on its vertices, adorned with balls of the purest Elizabethan style.

Inside, it hosts a permanent exhibition dedicated to the figure of Don Iñigo Lopez de Mendoza, Marquis de Santillana, one of the best exponents of Spanish poetry of the fifteenth century. In addition it has a splendid collection of tapestries and another one of armors.The stamp captures an image of the imposing castle, framed in one of its arches, with a splendid blue sky in the background.

Issue Date: 21.04.2017 Process: Offset Size: 35 x 24.5 mm Values: Tarifa B

New Lebaniego Jubilee Year

spain libaniego stampA new Premium Pliego is issued this time to celebrate the Lebaniego Jubilee Year to be held this 2017.Next to Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago de Compostela and Caravaca de la Cruz (since 2003), the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana has the privilege of celebrating the Holy Year since it was granted by a bull of Pope Julius II in 1512 , Since in this place the largest section of the cross where Christ was crucified is preserved.Since time immemorial this was the destination of numerous pilgrimages, it was decided to grant the Jubilee and to redeem the sins to all faithful who come to this place in the year in which the feast of Santo Toribio, on April 16, fell on Sunday.

This has not happened since 2006 and 11 years later Puerta del Pardón will be reopened to obtain the plenary indulgence.It is in the first quarter of the 12th century when the first reference is made to the monastery with the new title of Santo Toribio. It was of real property until the Castilian king Alfonso VIII ceded it to the counts Don Gómez and Dona Emilia, who in turn ceded it to the Burgos monastery of Oña.

The primitive construction was of prerománico style of the Asturian or Mozarabic type. Already in the middle of century XIII is constructed the present church whose expenses were borne by the faithful.

In addition to the pilgrims who had as the end of their Camino Liébana and visit the Lignum Crucis in the Monastery of Santo Toribio, many of those who were aiming to reach Santiago de Compostela, made a stop in the Cantabrian town longing for curative and miraculous powers Which were attributed to the saint and also to the venerated relic.

The Pliego Premium has as its background the Puerta del Perdón that will open again this year, next to the Jubilee Year logo. The stamp for its part, collects the same logo next to an image of the monastery and a close-up of the Cross that houses the Lignum Crucis.

Issue Date: 27.04.2017 Process: Offset Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm Values: 0.50€

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