USPS will Released Forever Stamps on  Sports Balls

usps sports balls stampsThe United States Postal Service will soon release new Sport   ball stamps.Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and kickball will join golf in the series. While the new releases may look like ordinary stamps, the cool thing about them is that they will also feel like the specific type of ball, meaning the golf ball stamp would actually feel as though you were touching the ridges and dimples on an actual golf ball. Pretty sweet, right? The way that these stamps are able to feel like the real thing is due to a special coating that is applied to them during the stamp-printing process.

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One Response to USPS will Released Forever Stamps on  Sports Balls

  1. Hemant Kulkarni USA says:

    The uncool thing is absence of the cricket ball -game popularized by British that is ignored by USA and most of the European counties too. Too bad!

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