India Post Issued Stamp on Sri Hangal Kumarswamiji

fdc sri hangal kIndia Post has issued a commemorative postage stamp on Sri Hangal Kumarswamiji on 19th May 2017.There existed a math (monastery) insri hangal kumar swamiji Dharwad called Navakalyana-math. It was established by its founder Guru-Siddha Prabhudevaru. Guru-Siddha Prabhu devaru had left his physical body in 1915. At the mandate of Guru-Siddha Prabhu devaru Shri Kumarswamiji came to stay in Navakalyan Math in 1932 leaving Naviluteerth.. While being engaged in social service, again and again his inner voice directed him to give up the worldly pursuits and dedicate all his time to the practice of yoga. It was in 1965 that he freed himself from the tangles of social activity and affairs of the math and entered into a life of solitude. During this year of yogic practice and solitude he had attained enormous spiritual powers and yogic achievements. According to his own words, he could experience the coolness of the moon during the day and the warmth of the sun during the night. Devotion to God, an intense desire to serve humanity, an innate urge for the realization of God – all these attributed to his choice of life of renunciation, dedication, sacrifice and service to mankind. Having taken Vidvat Sanyas in 1965 Shri Swamiji established a spiritual hermitage known as Tapovan, three miles away from Dharwad. Tapovan is located at the height of 2400 feet above the sea level and it lures all with its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. There is an occasional flow of foreign visitors for darshan and spiritual guidance. Immediately after taking Vidvat Sanyas. Shri Swamiji withdrew into silence in the cave for observing penance (anushtana). He emerged from the cave after one year of penance and delivered a message. Subsequently he observed penance on two more occasions, once for six months and another one for nine months after which he delivered messages pregnant with prophetic visions.

Shri Kumarswamiji toured over many places of India, delivering thought provoking speeches and lectures on spiritual subjects in all the principal Universities, preaching the tenets of science, yoga and mysticism. In his own intuitive, unique way he made the reconstruction of the human society guided by a strong belief that the cultural unity of India makes an entry into the realm of rich human values. Shri Swamiji is the author of sixteen books in English and eleven books in Kannada, his mother tongue. Many eminent thinkers and scholars of the East and the West have immensely appreciated and admired Shri Swamiji’s masterly works on yoga, mysticism, religion, philosophy, education, international peace, democracy, etc. all of which penetrate deeply in the field of modern thought. Tapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji is also a linguist and a charming orator with a beautiful style and excellent clarity of thought, who speaks to his listeners stirring the depths of their own nature. Shri Swamiji is one of very few learned saints of India and his achievements in the sphere of yoga are remarkable. The subtlety of his thought and the fragrance of his literary and poetic style are like a fresh rose while his spirit is solemn and yet sweet. Shri Swamiji could intuit like a prophet, feel like a poet and think like a philosopher. Yes, he is a prophet who can read the logic of events and a philospher who can cherish the love of wisdom.

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