My Stamp Released on Monfort Anglo Indian School Yercaud,Tamilnadu

my stampMontfort Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School is a residential institution with a glorious history dating back to 1 st June 1917. The school had a very modest start with three pioneers from France: Bro. Omer, Director, Bro. Henry Gabriel and Bro. Stanislaus. Soon Bro. Omer had to join thearmed forces in his country, and hence Bro. Eugene became the school’s established founder, and served Montfort for over 30 years.’Bro. Eugene Memorial’ is an eternal tribute in remembrance of Montfort’s ‘Man of Destiny’!

Initially, Montfort was a European School founded during World War I,under uncertain circumstances. From uncertainty, today it has reached great heights of certainty. Beginning with George Spitteler , the first student to be registered at Montfort on 1.6.1917,every Montfortian continues to build its glorious history, fashioning ” enduring links of one long chain”.The period between 1936 and 1942 was glorious in the history of Montfort,with Bro Eugene Mary as the Principal and Bro. Eleazar as the Vice-Principal– the former planted, the latter watered and God nurtured. It was during this period that the school chapel was built and consecrated.

In 1975, a property named ‘Mayfield’ was purchased and buildings were constructed to start the higher secondary classes. Today a new institution christened as “Deshayes Mount School” is functioning in these buildings; it follows the ICSE syllabus. From the academic year , 2003-2004 separate boarding facility was made available to girl students.

Montfort has produced numerous outstanding personalities in all walks of life – Leaders, Soldiers, Battle Heroes, Freedom-Fighters,Ambassadors, Politicians, Priests, Bishops, Sportsmen, Olympians,Entrepreneurs, Social Workers, Research Scholars, Scientists and Nation Builders.

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