New Stamps from Israel

Memorial Day 2017

israel memorial day stampThe graphic design of the Memorial Day stamps has been expressed over the years symbolically and through monuments. This year our Memorial Stamp depicts the National Memorial Hall. Jerusalem is also the focus for this year’s Memorial Day stamp. It depicts the National Memorial Hall at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. Here the names of all Israel’s fallen, who gave their lives to defined Israel at home and abroad, will be united in one place.

40 Years of Relations with Portugal

israel portugal joint issueThis stamp is issued to mark 40 years of friendship between the countries.Theme of the stamp is  Dolphin Research. The study of coastal dolphins is a relatively young field of research that has developed in both Portugal and Israel in recent decades. In both countries, the coastal dolphin population exists alongside fishing activity and at times dolphins are caught by fishing equipment, causing them injury and even death. Bottlenose dolphins are top predators of the coastal marine environment in both countries. They are considered to be a sentinel species for a healthy sea, both in the broad sense of the health of the system as well as in the narrow sense of human health, as consumers of food products from the sea.

ATM Label on Road Safetyisrael atm label

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