New Stamps from Israel

The Passover Haggadah

israel haggadah stampsThe Passover Haggadah, the book about the Exodus from Egypt, which is read on the festival eve, comes in many different forms. This stamp set highlights Haggadahs that represent three Zionist values: security, alyiah and settlement.over the years, many traditional texts were brought back into the Haggadahs, but they continued to include poems, chapters on spring, the Song of Songs and the biblical story of the exodus from Egypt. The three Haggadahs featured on the stamps represent three Zionist values: security, Aliyah and settlement.

Fifty Years of Settling the Golan, Jordan Valley,Judea and Samaria

israel jordan valley stampsSettlement is also the theme of the 50 Years of Settling the Golan, Jordan Valley, Judea and Samaria stamp set. Since the early days it has been vital to the Jewish people to resettle their historic homeland. 50 years ago major efforts began to establish rural communities, urban towns and cities in these areas.

50 Years of Reunification of Jerusalam

israel jerusalam stampsThe year 2017 marks fifty years since the unification of Jerusalem. The 50th anniversary of unified Jerusalem is a local, national and global event that is meaningful for the State of Israel, for the Jewish people around the world and for all the communities and peoples that cherish Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a metropolis that attempts to balance different beliefs and opinions, opposing tastes and habits. The Old City inside the ancient walls, the old neighborhoods outside those walls and the new neighborhoods built in this generation are all one city, special and unified.

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