Was India Post there in Stone Age?

special coverBy Anil Kr Pujara

postmarkRecently I received a very beautiful special cover issued by Jharkhand circle. The theme is forests of Jharkhand. Indeed the cover is good and makes value addition in the thematic collection.

But surprisingly the date of cancellation on the cover is 31.3.1017.

It gives me a food for thought that whether India post was there in existence in the year 1017?

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2 Responses to  Was India Post there in Stone Age?

  1. Hemant Kulkarni, USA says:

    It’s the first time that I’ve seen a special cover from an Indian state (in this case Jharkhand Circle) that has been perfectly complimented with a coordinated stamp with appropriate cancelation and cover design too (congrats) that meets international standards for FDCs. Add to that the error in the date of cancellation of the year 1010 instead of 2017 -placing of 1 instead of 2 in the beginning & you’ve a collector’s item. No need to scratch your head over when IPS began its service. Loved this contribution by Mr Pujara.

  2. N.A. Mirza says:

    Interesting. Nonetheless the covers adds to you collection of “Errors”. So please preserve it and get me one if possible

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