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Shivneri Fort

shivneri fortDate of Release:19 February 2017,Pune

special cover shivneri fortShivneri hillfort, birth-place of Shivaji, is near Junnar town, about 85kms north of Pune.  Situated on a 300 metre high isolated hill, the fort is triangular in shape.  The wide base of the fort is towards the south and the narrow point is towards the north.  The ascending path to the fort is defended by seven gates, the fifth one being armoured with anti-elephant spikes.  The fort has several rock-hewn cisterns and ponds, of which two large ones are known as Ganga and Jumuna.  Today, there are only a few structures remaining in the fort.  At one end there is a ruined stable and at the other end a mosque of the Mughal period.  The house where Shivaji was born (in February, 1630 AD) has been recently restored and a temple with statues of Shivaji and Jijabai called Shivakunja, has also been built.

Ahmednagar Fort

ahmednagar fortDate of Release:31 January 2017,Pune

special cover ahmednagar fortAhmadnagar Fort, which was built in 1490 AD, is located 1 km away east of Ahmadnagar city in Maharashtra. This 500-year old fort is circular in shape and has 18m high wall reinforced with 22 bastions. To keep enemy at bay, a deep trench was dug that surrounded the fort. First Prime Minister of free India, Pandit Nehru wrote ‘Discovery of India’ when he was imprisoned in this fort here in 1944. Leaders rooms are still alive inside the fort, where leaders of freedom struggle were imprisoned from 1942-45. Although, the Indian army occupies the fort, entry into the fort is allowed by signing at the gate. But photography is not allowed inside the fort.

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