New Stamps from Spain

Reopening of the Teatro Real

spain teatro stampIt is a folding block sheet, in which we can see the stage and the armchair room and, as the main protagonist, in the center of the scene, the imposing building that houses the Madrid Opera House. When the tabs showing the curtains and the seats are displayed, you can see the complete seal, which is also larger than usual, and punched out of it.In 1817, King Ferdinand VII ordered the remodeling of the Plaza de Oriente and proposed the construction of an opera house where the Teatro de los Caños del Peral previously was. In April 1818 the first stone was laid but it was not until 1850 when the project was finally made real.

After a collapse in 1925, the theater will remain closed until 1966 when it reopens its doors. In his stage, the seasons of the National Orchestra or the Symphonic Orchestra of RTVE were developed since at that time it was the only room of Madrid enabled for it.It has been 20 years since the Teatro Real has occupied a major place within the European scene, hosting major international productions and where the great world figures have stepped on their stage.

Issue Date: 16.03.2017 Process: Offset & Die Cut Size: 105.6 X 79.2 mm Values: 3.15€

III Disello Competition

portugal desello stampsFor three years, the “DISELLO” competition has been launched by Correos, whose aim is to disseminate the value of the stamp as a means of supporting artistic expression, which tells stories and transmits culture, and which, of course, also has a function as an element of postage. Last year it was proposed as theme “The Universe of Cervantes” and this year, like the first, the theme has been free.

Issue Date: 16.03.2017 Process: Offset Size: 35 x 24.5 mm Values: 0.50 € & 0.60 €

IV Birth Centennial of Bartolomé Murillo

spain murill stampFour hundred years ago in Seville, was born Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, one of the most important artists that has given Spain. Murillo, who adopted his mother’s surname following a traditional Andalusian custom, was instructed by the painter Juan del Castillo, a relative of his mother.

Married to Beatriz Cabrera y Villalobos, he received his first major commission in 1645. It was a series of eleven paintings for the cloister of the Monastery of San Francisco el Grande in Seville. He often painted images of children and gained great popularity for his paintings depicting the Virgin and Child. It is just one of these works, La Virgen de la Servilleta, the one that stars on the stamp issued by Correos on the occasion of this centenary, where a close up of the Virgin with the Child is silhouetted on a circular, amorphous form, similar to a stain of paint. This is because the sheet emitted represents a painter’s palette with 12 seals distributed as if they were similar color stains. This work was done by the painter in 1666 for the Church of the Capuchins of Seville. It owes its name to a legend that said that the capuchin friars realized that a napkin had disappeared from the monastery and that days later, Murillo returned it with the image of the Virgin. There is another version that speaks of a friar who asked Murillo for a representation of the Virgin and Child for his cell. He asked for a canvas for it, but the friar could only offer him a napkin in which the artist did his work.

Today it is exhibited in the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville. It is not the first time that Correos dedicates a stamp to this genius of the Art. In 1960, he was given an issue of 12 stamps that collected images of some of his most significant works, such as Niños comiendo melón, El Buen Pastor or el Niño de la Concha. With this issue, Correos demonstrates once again that innovation is one of its main objectives, also in Philately, where Premium sheets have become highly anticipated broadcasts every year by collectors and also by the general public.

Issue Date: 16.03.2017 Process: Offset Size: 40.9 x 40.9 mm Values: 1 €

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