New Stamps and Stamp Booklets on Animals

Czech Republic

By Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ArGe Zoologie.

czech animals stampsczech stampsThese stamps will be issued in September this year.

France -Cats Stamp Booklet

france cats stampsIssue Date: 27.02.2017 Designer: Youz Process: Offset Size: 45 x 37 mm (horizontal) Values: €6.60

France- Livestock

france animals stampsEvery year since 2013 La Poste has issued a booklet of 12 self-adhesive postage stamps at the price of the green letter for letters up to 20 g to France, to accompany the International Agricultural Show Which is a major event in France. This year, the booklet “Veal, cow, pig, brood and other livestock” speaks as much to breeders as to children and teachers. If Jean de La Fontaine’s milkman and jar inspired the title of the notebook, it was not to say “Adieu”, as Perrette did in the fable, but to get closer to these domestic animals, Of report, and say that they are an extraordinary wealth and a proof of biodiversity, great stake for the future. On the stamps, the calf? He is a Blonde of Aquitaine. The cow ? She is Aubrac. The pig ? It is of race Landrace … and still young: it is a piglet. The hen Bresse-Gauloise evokes the brood …, the eggs, the chicks. The ram of Ouessant, the rabbit Fauve of Burgundy, the colt of Cotentin, the donkey of Poitou, the goose of Toulouse, the sheep Merinos of Arles evoke the regions.Everybody is concerned ! A lively, varied, colorful notebook to bring breeders and young people closer together in the future of agro-food.

Issue Date: 27.02.2017 Designer: (c) LA POSTE, Créations originales et mise en page Metteur en Page Etienne Thery Process: Héliogravure Size: 256 x 54mm Values: €8.76

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