Means of Transport Through Ages Stamp Issue

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India Post has released its mega stamp issue on means of transport on 25th March 2017.

This includes  20 stamps,six sheetlets and four miniature sheets.

The stamps  were released at Heritage Transport Museum at Tawdoo near Delhi.

The series of stamps include a set of four stamps, each on palanquins, animal driven carriages and carts, rickshaws and vintage cars.

Five First Day Covers have also been released with this stamp issue.Each FDC depicts a seprate set of stamps.

A mixed set of four stamps on public transport depicting buses, tram and metro were also released.

The images of 15 of 20 stamps released by the Department of Post were directly adopted from the museum’s collection.

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2 Responses to Means of Transport Through Ages Stamp Issue

  1. bb says:

    thanks. what is the source of these images?

  2. Dinu says:

    Where is Philately in India being taken by India Post.
    In one hand the sale of postage stamps (due to introduction of dot – matrix printed receipt) is decreasing and on the other hand it appears the issue of stamps are like flash floods
    Is it possible for real collector to keep up pace and budget for such high increase? Mostly the dyed in the wool philatelists are senior citizen and are retired – from where to get such kind of fund.

    Let us take an example for 2017 – till date of writing 67 stamps have been issued including this mega issue and upto Cub Scout and if the collection is only one mint per issue then the face value itself is Rs. 885/- ; Leave aside Cancelled FDC, IB , Miniature or sheet let.

    In some cases stamps sheets are not issued. Let us take an example where a person is collecting a single block of 4 per issue; (S)He will either have to opt of not buying the happy new year, head gear and transport issue or have to pay hefty amount.

    I wonder how long will Philately, sure it is hobby of the king and king of the hobbies or other way round, survive. May be the milking cow has reached it’s end like Telegraph.
    RIP Philately – Amen

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