Tunisia Issued Stamps on Internet Activist

tunisia stampsBy  Mariam Nabbout

March 13 is a National day for internet freedom in Tunisia.After the fall of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s regime in 2011, the day was initiated in 2012 by then-president Moncef Marzouki in honor of cyber dissident Zouhair Yahyaoui . This year, the Tunisian postal service  released two postage stamps celebrating internet freedom and commemorating Yahyaoui’s life. 

Yahyaoui was a blogger and internet activist. The Tunisian online dissident launched a website called “TUNeZINE” in 2001, publishing information and articles that criticized the Ben Ali regime. His opposition to Ben Ali’s rule eventually landed him in jail, where he served a total of 18 months. Facing brutal torture during his time in prison, Yahyaoui underwent several hunger strikes and was eventually released in November 2003.He died of a heart attack at the age of 37, in March 2005.(Source- stepfeed.com)

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