Faroe Islands Issued Stamps on Eider

faroe eider stampsThe Faroese eider is a subspecies of Somateria mollissima (Somateria mollissima faeroensis), found only in the Faroe Islands. It is a non-migratory bird, seen along coastal areas in the islands all year round, being the Faroes’ most widespread and largest wild duck (size up to 58 cm).The eider’s hatching period stretches from the end of April until early September. Due to its relatively docile nature, it most often builds its nest by the shore – while sometimes also laying its egg in the outfield. Generally, however,  the eiders brood in colonies, so-called “varp” where they are better protected against predatory birds. The nest consists of torn grass and moss, and when the female has laid its 4-5 eggs, it lines them with down, plucking it from its breast. When the parent bird leaves the nest to forage, it covers the eggs with down to keep them warm.

Issue Date: 27.02.2017 Designer: Artist: Edward Fuglø Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France. Process: Offset Size: 44,00 x 30,81 mm Values: 18 and 27 DKK

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