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croatia childrens stampsIguana iguana -Iguana is native to Central and North America and is found in various colors, depending on the site, but the basic and most common is green. During the 19th century, sailors began to bring them to Europe as exotic animals, and in the 20th century they were very often kept as pets.

Chamaeleo calyptratus-Just like its name says, its homeland is western Yemen, as well as the southern part of Saudi Arabia. It lives in mountain area and feeds on insects.During the 20th century it was adopted in Europe and has been successfully raised or kept as a pet for years. It grows quite large for a chameleon, so males are about 50 cm and females up to 35 cm in length. It has a casque on its head which is called a helmet, and wens on its legs. Both of them are used for determining gender of the pet.

Lampropeltis triangulum-As the Latin name suggests, this beautiful snake is tricolor. Namely the main color is red, with rings of black and white, yellow or orange. It originates from North and Central America and is found in various habitats. It feeds on snakes, including venomous snakes, lizards, rodents, birds and eggs of birds or reptiles. With its colours it resembles a coral snake which is its prey.

During the 20th century it was brought to Europe, where it has become a common pet with fans of snakes because of its beautiful looks and peaceful nature.

Sternotherus odoratus-The area in which this turtle lives is spread in several states in the USA and partly in Canada. Swamp and quiet backwaters of rivers are its home in nature. It is mostly a carnivore and feeds on worms, snails, aquatic insects and small fish. As an adult it also eats water plants. It grows up to 15 cm and is one of the smaller turtles.

Since the end of the last century it is being imported to Europe as a substitute for red-eared slider since the latter had been identified as invasive and were banned for import and breeding in most EU countries. Musk turtle is not as colorful as red-eared slider, but it is smaller, has an interesting shell, it is less demanding and is much more resistant than other species. Since it is aquatic turtle, it is kept in aquatic terrarium which size for an adult should be 80 x 35 x 40 cm. It would be good to have a heater in aquatic terrarium in order to maintain a temperature at 25 ° C, filter for purifying water and lighting.

Issue Date: 20.02.2017 Designer: Lidija Novosel and Adam Peter Maguire, designers from Zagreb Printer: AKD d.o.o., Zagreb Process: Offset Size: 35.50 x 35.50 mm Values: 3.10 HRK x4

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