Special Cover Released on 150th Anniversary of Shitalnath Jain Temple Kolkata 

Sitalnath temple 150 years Spl. cover By Sudhir Jain

On the 150th anniversary of Kolkata’s famous and beautiful Shitalnath Jain Temple, a special cover has been issued on 27th Feb. 2017.

british stamp jain templeOn 6th May 1935, a stamp was issued on this temple which was part of a set of Stamps of temples and shrines issued to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V regime.Bhagavan Sheetalnath Jain temples very artistic and beautiful temple. This temple is also known as the beauty of Bengal. As per a plaque on the gate, Shree Sheetalnath Temple and garden founded by Rai Budree Das Bahadur, Mukim to HE, The Viceroy, in the year 1867. Thousands of people visit the temple every day. There is no place in the whole of the temple where the artist has not shown a glimpse of his art. There are no words to describe the sculpture of this temple. Different sculptures have given different definition of the artistry of this temple. The  building of this artist temple, the architects of the temple have glorified not only the Jain religion but also Bengal.

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