New Stamps from Greenland

Greenland during the Second World War Part II

greenland world war stampThe series comprises a total of ten stamps in com- bined offset and laser engraving. It will finish in 2020. On 23rd January 2017, the series will be continued with this stamp, which deals with cryolite – the mineral that is used for aluminium pro- duction.

When Denmark was occupied by Hitler’s Germany on 9th April 1940, Greenland became isolated from Denmark. During the rest of the world war, until 1945, the Greenlandic people were therefore supplied with commodities from the US and Canada, and they paid for the products by means of cod fishing – and by sell- ing cryolite.”The cryolite mine in Ivigtût played a very important part in Greenland’s economy during the war, and it has therefore been chosen to be one of the ten im- ages in the series, which reflects the war from the perspective of the Greenlandic people.

Issue Date: 23.01.2017 Designer: Naja Rosing-Asvid Illustrator: Engraving: Martin Mörck Process: Combination, i.e. intaglio (laser engraving) and offset Size: 57.68 mm x 33.44 mm Values: DKK 36.50

Greenlandic Music

greenland music stampsDrum singing is the original form of music among the Inuit, and it is thousands of years old. Drum singing still exists today – all the way from Siberia, Alaska and Can- ada to the Thule area and East Greenland

Issue Date: 23.01.2017 Designer: Camilla Nielsen : Lowe-Martin Group Process: Offset : DKK 1.00, 24.50, 27.00

Sports in Greenland II

greenland sports stampsPart One of the ”Sports in Greenland” set was issued in 2016. I am now continuing with an additional three stamps, for the second part of this series.

This short series of stamps shows only a glimpse of the sports that Greenland has to offer. New sports disciplines appear continuously. Some are based on traditions, such as the dog-sled race which is a huge attraction every year. Not only in the world of sports is a strong sense of teamwork most important. For exam- ple, organising the annual dog-sled race involves the efforts of many people for this sporting event to get off the ground.

Issue Date: 23.01.2017 Designer: Miki Jacobsen Printer: Lowe-Martin Group Process: Offset Values: DKK 16.00, 19.50, 22.00

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