New Stamps on The Year of Rooster

Christmas Islandchristmas-island-rooster-stampsTaiwantaiwan-year-of-rooster-stamps

NT$3.5 stamp: “The Golden Cock Proclaiming Joy” is the theme of this stamp. The cock call at dawn heralds the new day; spring marks the beginning of the New Year.

NT$13 stamp: An Exuberance of Joyous Celebrations. Being a homonym of the word for “auspiciousness” (ji), the word for “rooster” (ji) expresses the wish that the New Year will bring an abundance of the riches of life.

NT$12 souvenir sheet: A pair of roosters and an auspicious Chinese ruyi knot depict the rooster as auspicious and express a wish for peace in all things, complete satisfaction and lasting happiness.

Date of Issue: 1 December 2016

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