New Stamps from France

The Feathers of Scripture

france-feathers-stampsThe pen is a small piece of metal whose shape allows to retain a few drops of ink, adapted to a penholder, it allows writing by forming full and thin lines or drawing.The steel feather appeared in the 19th century, previously we used goose, duck, or other bird feathers. It can also be made of glass, but then it does not have the shape of metallic feathers, and does not allow to make the full and unjoint writing. Writing, with the glass feather is fine and uniform.The goose quill replaced the calame. The Sumerians used this stem of reed, in antiquity to write on the tablets of clay. Some have come down to us, we know thanks to them that the Sumerians kept their accounts.Today, steel feathers are mainly used for calligraphy or drawing. The ballpoint pens and felts have replaced them in writing, themselves supplanted by the keyboard of the computer.

Issue Date: 18.11.2016 Designer: Création Broll et Prasscida Gravure Sarah Bougault Process: Offset/taille douce Size: 105 x 143 mm Values: 4.20 €

French Red Cross :JC de Castelbajac

france-redcross-stampsJean-Charles de Castelbajac is an emblematic French creator, both for his creations and for his polymorphic works. He is an artist with a sparkling, colorful and playful universe that has revolutionized the world of fashion and art through his fun, his appropriations and the approach of an innovative dimension of pop rock culture. Clothes made from recycled materials, famous doudoun coats or postcards, from the two-seater poncho, to the paintings and graffiti dresses to the cardboard sweaters, all his creations give him a unique and unavoidable universe.The Red Cross has also become the artist’s blazon iconic fashion represented repeatedly in his mythical collections.

The artist has already supported the French Red Cross several times, notably during the operation “We speak image” in 2007. This year he renewed his commitment and created a collection of stamps entitled “Love collection”. This series of 5 stamps strongly symbolizes the actions and daily commitment of volunteers and employees of the French Red Cross to help people in precarious situations.

Issue Date: 18.11.2016 Designer: Création de JC de Castelbajac et Mise en page Aurélie Baras Process: Héliogravure Size: 160 x110mm Values: 1.40€

Structure and Light

france-structure-and-light-stampsBooklet of 12 self-adhesive postage stamps at the price of the green letter to FranceThe stained-glass windows bring the coloured light into the buildings. The stamps are thus illustrated with details of stained glass windows from the Gothic period in France, emphasising the contrasts between black and light, between lines and colours, between the impalpable, the ephemeral and the structure , … indissociable. The technique of stained glass is thus highlighted.

Issue Date: 18.11.2016 Designer: (c) LA POSTE, Mise en Page Sylvie PATTE et Tanguy Besset  Process: Héliogravure Size: 24mm x 38mm Values: 8.40 €

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