New Stamps Released on Year of Rooster

2017 is the Chinese Year of the rooster and begins on January 28th. The rooster is the tenth animal in the Chinese zodiac.


year-of-rooster-stamps-koreaIssue Date:1 December 2016


year-of-rooster-stamps-alandIssue Date:11 November 2016


year-of-rooster-stamps-taiwanNT$3.5 stamp: “The Golden Cock Proclaiming Joy” is the theme of this stamp. The cock call at dawn heralds the new day; spring marks the beginning of the New Year.

NT$13 stamp: An Exuberance of Joyous Celebrations. Being a homonym of the word for “auspiciousness” (ji), the word for “rooster” (ji) expresses the wish that the New Year will bring an abundance of the riches of life.

Issue Date:1 December 2016

New Zealand

year-of-rooster-stamps-newzealand$1.80 Paper-cut Rooster:One of the commonly used decorations for Chinese New Year is paper-cutting, which can be found everywhere from shop windows to private homes. The intricate art of paper-cutting dates back thousands of years in China, and the rooster depicted in this paper-cut symbolizes a vibrant and positive start to the day.

$2.20 The Rooster :This illustrated rooster is rich with colour and incorporates various Maori and Pacific patterns, including koru, that are symbolic of new life. The black colour in the design reflects New Zealand’s national identity and blends harmoniously with the red tones that are popular in Chinese culture.

$2.70 Lantern Festival:The Auckland War Memorial Museum is located in Auckland Domain, which in 2016 was the venue for the Lantern Festival for the rst time.

Date of Issue:11 January 2017

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