New Stamps from Spain

The Generation of the 50’s

spain-generation-of-50s-stampAfter popular vote, the different motifs that will star on the stamps of this series are chosen. It begins with the 50’s, a decade that means the break with history, with the gray of the war that gives way to an explosion of color, where the chords of a new musical genre, rock and roll, invite to move to the sound of voices like that of Elvis Presley.The themes chosen among the subscribers for this first block sheet have been: the Nobel Prizes Severo Ochoa and Juan Ramón Jiménez, television, the conquest of space and the Vespa and the Seiscientos.

Television: another of the labels shows one of the most revolutionary inventions of the time. Space conquest: the third of the stamps collects the image of an artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, which was first launched into space in 1957, and also the dog Laika, the first terrestrial living being that travelled to outer space.

The Vespa and the Seiscientos: The last of the stamps shows two of the most representative symbols of these years, the Vespa and Seat Seiscientos, which flooded the Spanish streets, democratizing transport and improving the movements in the cities.

Issue Date: 30.11.2016 Process: Gravure Size: 150.64 x 86.4 mm Values: 0.45 €, 0.57 €, 1.15 € y 1.30 €

Valladolid International Film Week

Previously known as Week of Religious Cinema, this festival was inauguratedspainish-cinema-stamp in 1956 although it was not considered a contest. It was in the third edition when a prize was awarded, the “Don Bosco”, gold for the winning film and silver for the finalist. A year later, the motif changed and the Gold Lábaro and the “Ciudad de Valladolid Award” were awarded. In 1960 arose the Espiga that would live with the Lábaro during 14 years, until 1974, when it became the main award of the contest. Later they began to deliver the first awards to the Best Actress and the Best Actor, that went to Jirina Sejbalová and Stanislav Liubchin respectively.

Issue Date: 30.11.2016 Process: Offset Size: 49,8 x 33,2 mm Values: 0.57€

TVE 60 Years

spain-tve-stampOn October 28, 1956 began Televisión Española began broadcasting, the first television channel to be broadcast in Spain.They are celebrating 60 years of its creation, and during all this time, it has witnessed all the important events of the history of our country.The first broadcasts were made from a studio on Calle Paseo de la Habana in Madrid, and the signal only reached some points in the province.Interventions by the minister, religious celebrations or performances by choirs and dances, were the first images of which the most fortunate, those who had a television set, could enjoy.

The stamp that commemorates this anniversary, collects the past and the present of the logo of TVE, symbolizing the changes lived in these 60 years.

Issue Date: 30.11.2016 Process: Offset Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm Values: 0.45 €

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